Evan Bailyn is the founder of numerous Internet companies that have hit the million dollar mark in revenue. He is only 29 and has sold 5 companies to date. Evan  is best known as a search engine optimization expert, having used his ability to rank at the top of Google to build and sell five businesses, including one of the largest children’s websites Cartoon Doll Emporium which reached almost 70 million kids and parents in 2009.

Evan’s upcoming book “Outsmarting Google” is already available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

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Sergio Alvarez is the founder of Ai media Group, a software company providing digital advertising solutions to advertising agencies. Earlier this year, Hoover’s Inc. recognized Ai Media Group as one of the TOP 10 Internet companies by sales. In 2008, the firm received the prestigious Association of Direct Marketing Communications Award for its search-engine marketing solution.

Learn how he made a $20 million company in 2 years.

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Roy is the former Chief Marketing Executive of Telus, the 2nd largest telecommunication company in Canada with an annual revenue of about 10 billion dollars, and founder and CEO of Brilliance for Business, an organization dedicated to providing practical and proven ways to improve both business and personal performance.

We interview Roy about his new book: “Be Different or Be Dead”.

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Shelly Sun is the president and co-founder of Bright Star Healthcare, a premium healthcare staffing company that provides the full continuum of home care for newborns, disabled adults and seniors, to supplemental staffing for corporate clients such as nursing homes and physicians’ offices.

Bright Star is number 181 on Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in 2010 with $51.7 million revenue in 2009 and 3-year growth of 1568%.

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We interviewed Dr. Larry Stybel about how he created a global career management firm. His company operates in 40 US cities and 25 countries.

You may not be in this industry, but here is why you should pay attention to this interview: in 1987 he was not sure what business to start. He was confused. But he was a great observer. He did not have a creative idea. But, he noticed how innovative ideas in his field are moving from one city to the other. His city was always behind in adapting to this new methods and ideas. So he took advantage of this and positioned himself for the time when the new wave hit his city. This is a lesson for those looking for opportunities.

If you are not the first one in your industry, be the first one in your city.

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John Shegerian is running one of the leading companies in Green industry. He is now the CEO and chairman of Recyclers International® (ERI) the largest electronic recycling company in US with $50 million in revenue that expects sales to double by 2012. Prior to that John helped to create an Internet business that helped students get student loans. He sold that company for $400 million.

We interviewed him to know more about his story and how he got here. John had a rough childhood. His family went through a divorce and they were living off welfare. He started making money by sweeping floors in New York City. But this did not last long. John found his way out and in a short time started creating remarkable businesses. He is driven by causes, that is why he has created businesses that massively helps others and for that he is known to be a social entrepreneur.

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Summary of the Interview

He started sweeping floors when he was 10 to make money and to be successful and not be on welfare. He came right off the streets of New York and went into horse business and learned about managing people and managing people’s money. He started numerous different businesses after that. While in LA he was in real estate business and he found an opportunity to help kids on the streets and gang members to have jobs and change their lives. That was when he realized the there should be a social bottom line to your business. That’s one thing he had in mind when he made his next business: an online business for student loans, to make it easy and affordable for students to get loans. He sold this business for $400 million. He first wanted to take some time off, but his partner convinced him to take over a company that he had started. So he took over the company and created the largest electronic recycling company in US and maybe in the world. Again he is doing something with a social bottom line, keeping environment clean and creating jobs every community he goes in. His company has grown every month. He is making a social difference. “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve” is the motto of his company. 1-800-recycling.com is another website that he has created where you can enter your zip-code and find out  the recycling solutions in your community.He also has created a website to help people with addiction problems. His goal is to connect people with addiction to solution. He has used internet to democratize the education about addiction. He had addiction problem himself. When he goes to bed everyone he feels that he made a difference.


What are the elements of creating a successful business?

Anybody can start a business, dumb or smart can start a business. Those who succeed are the people that can stick to it and don’t quite, those who can choose a moment to sell it; the art is creating teams and scaling the business.

Where are the opportunities?

There are so many opportunities out there. Everyday new technologies come out. The kindle was already outdated when the iPad came in after 6 months. The green revolution is here to stay. Technological revolution is here to stay. There are so many amazing opportunities here in renewable Energy and environment industries. Fortunes will be made in these areas.

What is your approach to create remarkable businesses?

1- Before I start a business, I break it before I build it. Sometimes you have to build ahead sometime you have to wait and take smaller steps.

2- Hire only the best people.

3- Invest in new technology

4- Service to your customers first.

5- You still close the deals nose to nose.  This new generation is forgetting the people skills and the old of old-fasioned deal closing. you do not close over cell phone or email or text message.

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